Friday, April 1, 2011

Sneak Peak - Sigma New Makeup Line

Hey Glam Girls , Look what I have to tell u today !

Simone Sigma who is Founder of Sigma Makeup , has tweeted today that Sigma will be launching a new Makeup Line which will be up on site for sales in 6-8 weeks ...

I am super excited for this new line , as I am in love with Sigma Brushes , and now I am getting tempted to have all of these new lovelies !! .... But wait of 6-8 weeks ?? Ahhhhhhhh ... That's killing me !

This New line includes 3 different palettes -- Bare , Flare , Dare

Each palette also includes it's own dual ended brush!

It comes with bright colors , purple , burgundy , teal and some light too .. Perfect for a night out 
It comes with Sigma E55 and E40

It has some super summery colors , yellow , pink , copper .
It comes with Sigma E20 and E45

It's my new love , Its a nude palette .. comes with neutral shades , which every girl dreams of  having.
It comes with Sigma E30 and E25

The cost of each palette will be $35 which I feel is very reasonably as the cost of each brush included is  $18.

I am getting crazy to have all of them :)



  1. It looks gorgeous! I want them all! :-) Too bad my bank account will probably disagree...

  2. Aww..fizza..Thanks so much for the review:)))

    I am going to buy that soon:))

    They are lovely:)

  3. This look gorgeous, i have their old makeup line, i love sigma so much :)
    I wish i had all of these :)

    Thank you so much for your comment, I haven't cut my hair yet :)


  4. Christine .. Thanks alot for your comment on post ! :)
    Yes Sigma is awesome , I am getting crazy to have all three palettes !!

    Ok if you have'nt yet , U will get one soon perhaps .. It will look cute on u :)

  5. Flare looks like a palette that I would use a lot!

  6. Wowww...lovely palettes!! :) :) I am really loving the "Dare" one!! :)


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