Friday, June 11, 2010


Artdeco is expensive and I have so many blushes that I hesitated to try this one. But pressure over took me plus curiosity made me want to know if this blush was really all that. It is. It is a translucent powder blush that is very subtle and very natural. I don't see much shimmer at all in this. I thought it was too light for me at first but, after trying it a few times, I saw the natural flush of my cheeks and realized it looked completely natural, not as if I were wearing blush. I have many, many blushes and some are really pigmented or not too natural looking. Others are too subtle. Some are just right. This one falls in the just right category.

Artdeco blushes come with a magnet on their bottom to be placed in their magnet boxes.

Number 16: This blush looks good on almost any skin tone. It is a soft pink (None of the pics do it justice) that gives a pinched cheek effect.. It is of RS.730/-. It's worth it. Plus a little is all I need all day.

Number 29 : I use this one for contouring of my cheeks , Its a bit brownish blush , but can wear it on cheeks too , for that extra oomph , and on-the-go look .. But for daily wear ,It's a bit darker for me .

Overall :
Very nice blushes with a good range , and variety of colour, I'm soon hunting for a peach blush by artdeco for Summer look : )

REVIEW : Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush Pink Frosting

When I tested this in the shop, I was impressed by the natural lovely finish of Pink Frosting No: 10.
. I like the sheer finish , and when you apply little just dab it on apples of your cheeks , and more color can easily be built up by very minimal efforts , The art lies in blending !

Pink Frosting is a pink color like you can say baby pink with some silvery shimmer in it.Don't confuse it with DREAM MATTE MOUSSE FOUNDATION which has the same consistency but is matte finish, this blush has got bit of shimmer in it .This is not so harsh pink color which you afraid to wear most of the time, so for me , I love pink blushers , and this is so soft and perfect for me .

It comes in a heavy glass pot with the colour of the cap representing the colour of the blush inside.When you open the pot, you’ll find the coloured mousse inside. It feels soft and spongy and when fresh like air bubbles in it .. It is so soft to touch --- You tap your finger on the blush and then apply to your cheeks as you would a cream blush.But unlike cream blush which is difficult to blend or apply, this blends in so smoothly and easily with the pads of your fingers .

The definite plus which I like about this blush is its Texture .. It is soft, spongy and blending is really so effortless, and it gives you airbrush finish look.

Staying power is not so good , It goes off very soon specially if your skin is oily. and if weather is hot. But touching up is easy.

Overall it is a very good blush, easy to apply and blend and gives you natural glowy look.


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