Friday, December 31, 2010

REVIEW : Becute Lipstick and Lip Pencil Review

Hey glam girls , 
I recently bought this Lipstick by Becute.

I am liking this color , I wanted a peachish brown , or u can say a brownish peach type color .. for winter :)

Its in number 706.

I did not go for matte one , because I already have many matte lipstick , so I just picked this up from superstore.
It was of Rs160 :)

It has golden specks in it , which makes it glittery on lips.

I did not like it too much to wear it every other day , but yes with my peach n rust colored dresses , It is a perfect fit ..

It is not creamy textured , staying power on lips is good though ..
For a color , which you want but won't use too much , this Becute lipstick can be a good choice :)

I also bought similar colored lip pencil , I like this , It's nice , and can go with pink , peach , beige , brown and coral colored lipsticks :)


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  1. I have this lipstick in shades 706,723,721 and 711. I like this product. Lipliners are amazing. I have many shades. Nice review. Bye


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