Monday, May 16, 2011

L’Oréal Paris’ Exclusive Make-Up studio - At Naheed Super Store

Hey Glam Girlz !

Sorry for blogging after a long gap , but here'z the big news I got for you ;) .. Specially for my glammiez of Karachi ... You want to look glamorous , want free Skin Consultation from renowned beauty experts , then here is a Feast for you !

L’Oréal Paris’ launches Exclusive Make-Up studio at Naheed Super Store in Bahadarabad – Karachi. 

The launch day for the Studio opening is on 17 May 2011 at Naheed Super Store in Karachi [Bahadarabad] where celebrities such as Film Actress Noor, L’Oreal Paris Spokesperson Aamina Sheikh, Anoushey Ashraf and L’Oreal Paris experts Peng Qureshi, Dr Khilji and Sabs will be present from 04:00 to 07:00 to give everyone expert advise with regards to Skin Care and Make-Up. At this Make-Up Studio, visitors/consumers will be able to experience:

  • A total make-over at the “L’Oreal Paris World”

  • First of its kind Skin Testing open for public activity.

  • Sophisticated, modern, cutting-edge design for a complete ‘L’Oréal Paris’ experience

  • One on One consultations which L’Oreal Paris Experts and Film Actress Noor.

  • So , who is gonna get this lovely studio feast ???



    1. This loo0ks great :)Enjoy Girls :)

    2. Wow! This looks so sleek and modern. Wish we had something remotely similar here in Islamabad. Following ur lovely blog. Do drop by my lil blog sometime.


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