Sunday, January 30, 2011

REVIEW : Mac Studio Fix Fluid

Girls , I was not fond of using foundation a few months ago , But now I am including foundation in my daily makeup happy,I know its not good , but who cares ???laughing Be it , liquid, powder, mineral  , compact or even tinted moisturizer ... But I use it silly
Today , I am giving a quick , and brief review about MAC Studio Fix Fluid.

I bought it for Rs.3600/- ...wtfshockedwtfshocked I know its too pricey for a 30 ml foundation, but MAC is MAC winky
I am shade NC 30 .. After a long long research on shades of this foundation , I finally gathered courage to try this shade on myself, as there was no tester available so I had to pick it up blindly ! Thanks God, I got the right one ! happy

 1.Buildable, builds coverage easily and quickly.
2.Small amount is enough
3.When applied with fingers, gives a sheer coverage , but with my MAC 187 duo fibre brush ( See it HERE ), It gives me perfect smooth coverage 

One pic ( left ) shows foundation on my wrist , and right sided pic shows blended !!
1.Very right , not too solid type not too liquid .
2.Easy to blend.
SPF 15
Great , even after working hours, It feels fresh happy
High . Even in USA , its of 26$ bitter
Available in many shades to chose from , One may be just perfect for you. Comes in 23 shades , as available online, with NC15 being the lightest and NW55 being the darkest .
NC : Neutral cool , for skins who have yellow undertones.
NW: Neutral Warm , for skins who have pinkish undertones.

Original Macy's Label silly

1. Lovely coverage.
2. Easy to blend
3. Oil free
4. Contains specially treated micronized pigments and soft-focus powders for a super-smooth look that helps minimize the appearance of imperfections.
5. Contains special skin-conditioning ingredients. 
1. Priceycensored
2. Small bottle , only 30 ml 
3. Does not come with a pump 
4. Gives me too pale (yellow) color sometimes, if not worked into skin properly .angry

So, would you go for it and spend this much money on it ???? well , in some sense , it's worth it , after all It's MAC laughing

Left = Without foundation
Right = MAC studio Fix Fluid and powder 



  1. Wow what an improvement the product did to smooth your skins texture it looks photoshopped its so smooth!

  2. whoa what a diff in before/after pic? i guess its worth the price tag

  3. great review Fizza :D I have my eyes on this one :)

  4. @Style-eyes : Yes it did make my skin smooth but I guess its looking even more smoother in pic , in real there were some pores visible even after applying .. so it may work differently for dif skin

  5. @Sarah : Yes It's worth price ,, but I use it only for some parties , use it very occasionally , don't find it suitable for daily purpose .. so one bottle goes for me for long time ;)

  6. @Sara : You should get this one , you'll forget all other foundations ;)

  7. I'v tried it and its the BEST foundation ever i swear! i cleared my skin with just one sweep!

  8. yes its best Peach Crush .. which shade r u ?

  9. I use this every day, it is a fantastic foundation, but it does break a few people out x

  10. d difference is huge...dats awesum..

  11. Hello Fizza. Great reveiw! :)
    Where can i get it in karachi ?

  12. I bought this foundation for rs 5200😭😭 in shade NC20 is there any other MAC shop in karachi except ebco?

  13. I bought this foundation for rs 5200😭😭 in shade NC20 is there any other MAC shop in karachi except ebco?


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