Friday, March 18, 2011

REVIEW : MAC Stippling Brush 187 Review

I was in need of Stippling Brush, and I was like crazy to get it.. I saw many on net and compared them , and decided to buy only MAC 187 , whenever I will,It was back in April this year, when I went to Saudi Arabia, and went to MAC store there happy .. I stepped in shop and gone crazy lolz, I tested literally every other thing in the shop and salesman was also like confused looking at me , what she is upto laughing I guess it was because I don't have MAC store in Pakistan.
Well I did not buy any thing else than 2 brushes and those cost me Pakistani 7000 rupees .. 
I bought,
MAC 187 ( 218 Saudi Riyal = 4800 PKR ) In USA it is of 42$
and MAC 168 (173 Saudi Riyal=3800 PKR )

And by my knowledge and updated info on their new ranges , I managed to gain trust of salesman , and he was like, not so many girls who come here, have so much MAC knowledge , but u do .. and I was like, Yeah Yeah silly
So , I came home ,and kept my MAC 187 safe in my vanity drawer.. I used it in June for the first time, with my MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation.
Ahhhhhhh,,, I loved the flawless coverage it gave me , wow , I was like celebrity face in just 5 minutes :))
It does cover each and every pit of ur face.

What It is used for :
To apply,
Liquid Foundation
Cream Blush
Powder Blush
Face Powder
Literally everyhting u want happy

What Is It :
It is called Stippling Brush, as it works on basic principle of Stippling the liquid on the face, and get a pixelized effect.It is a blend of goat and synthetic hair.
Synthetic ones at top (white )... It has flat head,perfect for Stippling happy It is large brush with dense bristles.
For me , i am not so experienced, so blending with this takes time , and in the end, if I don't blend at right time, foundation dries up and it leaves some streaks on face, for which I have to use Swirling motion, But by swirling, the original theme n benefit of MAC 187, is lost.. I need to practice a bit more to apply foundation perfectly with this ....whatevah
It is perfect for sheer application of blush, as it picks up exactly the right and required amount of blush and lightly deposits on face.
In brief , I love this brush and it is my Top Favorite brush , It is a multi-tasker.
It shedds a bit, perhaps more in the beginning but shedding is stopped after few washes, and I only experienced shedding of black bristles.

2.Soft bristles
3.Gives airbrush finish
4.Large handle, easy to hold
5.Blends foundation very flawlessly

1.Pricey sad
2.Shedds bristles

Will I purchase again ?
No , because I love this brush and I will use it very safely and will take care of it , so that I can use it for years.. Its pricey for me , to buy one more from MAC 

Hope u like my review cool


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  1. This is great ,But have u tried the Luscious one ?


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