Friday, March 18, 2011

REVIEW : L'Oreal Infallible Long Wear Lip Duo Compact

Hey Glam Girlz :)

Finally I am posting a long-due review . . and it's about  L'Oreal Infallible Long Wear Lip Duo Compact Color Enduring Coral 400

I bought it from Agha's Karachi for Rs. 1350/-

A long lasting lipcolor which lasts upto 16 hours ( It really does. atleast for 10 hours ) even after drinking , eating , wiping it off , washing , kissing :P
No transfer.
No feathering.

Anyone who wants her lipcolor to stay on her lips for a very long time , perfect for Summer , and even Rainy weather

You can get it for Rs 1350 at all L'Oreal Counters country-wide 

It  is captured in a unique mirrored compact case. 
It has 2 parts : Lipcolor and Lip Balm ( white ) 
First you apply lipcolor , wait for 1 minute , it will be dried up , then you apply white balm over it ...  The L'oreal Infallible Lip Duo Compact balm locks in moisture for added comfort and shine.


1. Apply non-transfer color to lips .. Wait for 1 minute and let it dry
2. Apply conditioning balm for shine ... You can re-apply balm as many times as you want to refresh it :) throughout the day


  1. Long wearing , lasts for quite a long time
  2. Comes in a variety of shades
  3. Easily available in Pakistan
  4. Price is not too expensive
  5. Comes with mirror , its body is like mirror
  6. No Flaking
  7. Non Sticky 

  1. Can be drying sometimes
  2. Lipcolor can't be re-applied after applying balm 
  3. Can be difficult to wipe off the color , I use strong makeup remover for this
  4. Can be annoying for some girls as it's really on lips even if you want to remove it

I hope you love my review :)




  1. hye,
    nice review i have this in CG and they offer lip gloss with lip balm and honestly its also has same problems, although its in nude color but tuff to remove... :(

  2. Looks great!! Such a pretty shade <3

  3. Nice review.Love the color but i always find the long wearing stuff to be really drying on lips. Hope this is different because now i am tempted after reading your review:)

  4. @Fakhra's : Ya these long wearing stuff is dif to remove , sometimes they r over dried

    @Rakhshanda : Thanx dear :)

    @Shahtaj : I suggest you go to mall first , try this on your lips , and come home ,if you like it , then buy ... coz it is dry on lips sometimes ...

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  6. This thing doesn't come off.. I swatched it on my hand and washing, scrubbing and even taking bath =p nothing removed it.. I had to scratch the color off my hand.. I wouldn't prefer wearing something like that on my lips :s


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