Friday, March 18, 2011

Best Nail Polish Remover in Pakistan

Hey Glam Girlz  , 

I am telling you today the best nail polish remover ( my personal favorite ) in Pakistan. It's Medora Nail Polish Remover.

I have tried many , some fakes , some high end , but believe me no one ever cleans polish quicker and faster than this one .. 

You just put some of it on cotton ball , and just sweep over nail , it cleans polish just in seconds ... 
I had some removers , which I had to rub for minutes , even then they could not clean my nails fully ..

Best thing about it is , It's MADE IN PAKISTAN ( Swat ) and , when I bought it about 6 months back , it was of just Rs. 50.. It's price may be increased because of raising taxes day by day in the country.

Do give it a try if you are fed up with your nail polish remover :)

What nail polish removers you use ? Please share...




  1. hmmm i also liked it, although Revlon nail rovever is also good but still price wise Medora is cheap. :)


  2. I like it too.All the other local brands that i have tried make my nails turn yellow.

  3. Gen1 Consume Care also introduced nail polish remover,its excellent result as well as lowest price in pakistan.

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