Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Valentine's Day Cosmetics - Truly Red

Hey Girls , 

I am here with this cute little pouch from MaxFactor ..
My brother picked this up from Sweden and gave me as a gift in early January .. As its truly red , I gave it name of VALENTINE GIFT :D

Its really cute and small... came with 3 items from Maxfactor

  1. Red Lipstick is Maxfactor Hint of Red 804
  2. Nailpolish is Maxfactor Nailfinity in 549 Red Passion
  3. Kohl pencil is Maxfactor 020 in Black 
All r tiny versions :) equal to size of little finger :)
I am loving this cute tiny lipstick , it is round headed .. really nice red color ... with a bit hint of shimmer

Nail Polish is true red , love this too :)
I am using Kohl pencil these days :D

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