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101 - HOW TO APPLY EYELINER Tips & Tricks


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1. Liquid eyeliner should only be used above the top lashes. It is best to use a pencil or eyeshadow under the lower lashes. For a more dramatic look, use a colored kohl pencil above and below lashes and follow with a black liquid liner on the top. It will make your lashes appear darker and will stay on all day. A dark eye-liner highlights the shape of your eyes and deepens the look. Softly line with eyeliner pencil, draw a thin line along lashes next to roots.
For a dramatic look, lightly dot color along the lower lashes. For softness, line can be smudged with fingertip or Q-tip.
2. Eyeliner should be applied close to the base of the eyelashes. Products vary from cake to liquid liner to pencil. Practice makes perfect in achieving a fine line. Hold your head back and look down into the mirror. The eyelid will be tight and it will be easier to apply the liner. Smudge if necessary.
3. Don´t apply eyeliner in a thick line. It looks harsh and makes the eye appear heavy and tired. Get out of the 60´s and instead use a fine line. If you have trouble, use a brush to blend and smooth it out.
4. By using a line under the lower lashes gives the illusion of making the eyes appear larger. Instead of using a pencil, try using a small makeup brush with a dark eyeshadow. Apply into the lashes to make the lashes appear darker. Below this line apply a highlighter eyeshadow (in white, beige or yellow) in a fine line with a cleansed small brush. This will brighten the eye area.
5. There are pencil eyeliners, liquid eyeliner, and cake eyeliners. Pencil liners can be used above top lashes and under lower lashes. Liquid liners should only be used on the top lid. Cake eyeliners are used with water and can be used both top and bottom.
6. A smoky violet pencil looks best for someone with green eyes. On the color wheel, green and violet are opposite, and so they look well together. Also, look at nature when deciding on a color palette. Green, burnt orange and beige can be found in a field of autumn colors.
7. If you want to use the same liner pencil for eyes and lips I would recommend using an eyeliner pencil. Then you know this is safe for the eyes. Choose a shade that is a red-brown or a plum-brown. Then it will compliment your lipstick.
8. A liquid eyeliner or a cake eyeliner that you use with a fine brush will stay on the best. If you don´t feel adept at using these, pencils work well also. Pencils can be smudged for a subtle look. Always hold your head back, look down into the mirror, and apply your eyeliner. This will keep your eyelid skin tight and you can make a smooth line.
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To line your eye lashes the easy way ... just follow the dots! You'll create a perfect fine line with liquid eyeliner every time.  
  1. Use a small-tip eyeliner wand or brush.
  2. Create a row of similar sized small dots between the roots of the lashes. 
  3. Connect the dots with eyeliner.

Liquid Eyeliner Tips

  1. Liquid eyeliner is versatile and easy to work with, after you've mastered the use of the brush. Practice on your hand before using liquid eyeliner for the first time. It's much easier to wash your hands than it is to reapply all your makeup!
  2. Fine or thick lines are easier to create with liquid eyeliner than they are with pencil eyeliner.
  3. Use only waterproof liquid eyeliner along the rim and bottom lash line, otherwise, your eyeliner will smudge, and you'll have raccoon eyes.
  4. For smudge-proof eyeliner, swipe a thin line of eye primer along your upper lash line prior to lining.  
  5. Gel eyeliner can be a bit tricky to use your first time. Practice using it on your hand first to master your technique.  
  6. Gel eyeliner is often used when creating the "smokey eye" look. 
  7. Expect to pay more for gel eyeliner, than liquid or pencil liners.
  8. For a fine line, use an ultra-fine eyeliner brush. 
  9. While your eyeliner is still wet, soften it with a smudge brush. 

Pencil Eyeliner

  1. Pencil eyeliner is a wonderful makeup product for the lower lashes line because most are moisture resistant.  
  2. They are a girl's best friend during the hot and humid months of summer; and the cold and rainy months of winter. 
  3. You get what you pay for...Cheap eyeliner flakes, so spend a few extra dollars on a trusted name brand; bypass the $1 sale.
  4. If you plan to be around water, wear waterproof eyeliner to prevent raccoon eyes.
  5. Water-proof pencil eyeliner is a life saver for women whose allergies cause their eyes to water.
  6. With a tissue, rub off the tip of a newly sharpened pencil. This prevents the sharp point from breaking on the skin and smudging. Grrrr!
  7. Forget about lining the lower root line; leaving them naked will make your eyes look larger - or just line the outer one-third portion.  
  8. For us women that must line the lower-lash line, use a lighter shade of pencil on the lower than what you use on the upper. Light colors make eyes appear larger.
  9. Mechanical eyeliner pencils never need sharpening. Just twist and you're ready.
  10. To sanitize an eyeliner pencil, sharpen it.
  11. When coming to the end of the lashes move the eyeliner brush slightly up and out. Following the lash line all the way down at the end of the eye will make your eyes look droopy and sad.
  12. Soften the line you created with a smudge brush. Your eyeliner will look more natural, and wear longer.
  13. Lining the lower rim of the eye can clog the tear duct; or pieces may flake off and fall between the rim and the eyeball. If either of these happen, the eye can get scratched and/or become infected. Line only along the root line and forget the rim.  
Useful Tips for Applying Liquid Eyeliner:
  • To make the line longer-lasting you should apply the eyeliner over your eyeshadows.
  • In case you make a mistake use a cotton pad and a mild makeup remover to correct it.
  • Always choose a color that suits your eyes and the color of your eyeshadows.
  • Never apply liquid eyeliner to the lower lash-line, use pencil eyeliner instead.
  • Always start the application in the centre of your eyelash line on the upper eyelid.
  • When applying liquid eyeliner always follow the natural curve of your lash-line.
  • Keep your hand steady – this way it will be easier for you to apply the eyeliner flawlessly.
  • Remember: eyeliner should be applied as close to the lash-line as possible.
  • Never create too thick line at first, build the line gradually.
  • When selecting liquid eyeliner, always make sure you choose one that dries fast in order to avoid smudges.
  • Before applying liquid eyeliner, always shake the tube for a few seconds.
  • Most of the makeup artists advice first to draw a few dashes with a pencil eyeliner and then to apply the liquid eyeliner.
  • If you want to achieve a more dramatic look, create a thicker line.
  • Remember: always apply the liquid eyeliner after the eyeshadows, but before the mascara to prevent smudges.
  • Eyeliners in black, brown and dark violet suits almost everyone.
  • Don’t forget to blend the line carefully, using a small eyeshadow brush.
  • Remember: for liquid eyeliner always use a point liner brush as it will allow you to draw an even line.
  • Never keep your liquid eyeliner in the bathroom as water may trap in it.
  • Remember: always let the eyeliner dry before you open your eye.
  • Never apply eyeliner if your eyes are tired or infected.
  • Harmonize the eyeliner with your mascara, so that it frames your eyes and makes your lashes look thicker.
Step One. 
Most of the makeup artists advice to apply the liquid eyeliner over the eyeshadows as this way it will stay put on for longer. If you are going to apply an eyeshadow the first thing you should do is to apply an eyeshadow base to avoid smudging and creasing /of course after you have applied your foundation, concealer etc./ Apply the eyeshadows as usual.
Step Two. 
Before you begin the application of the eyeliner make sure you have a mild makeup remover and cotton pads in case you make a mistake. It’s essential to shake the tube before you begin the application. Make sure your hand is steady in order to create a flawless line.
Step Three.
The best way to apply liquid eyeliner is to start drawing in the centre of your upper lash-line. If you find drawing a straight line difficult you can use pencil eyeliner and create a few dashes. Then with the point liner brush of the liquid eyeliner try to connect these dashes. Create only a few dashes. Never draw a line with pencil eyeliner and apply liquid eyeliner over it – you can easily ruin the result. Draw the line as close to the lash-line as possible, following the natural curve of your eyelid.
Pen Eyeliner

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