Saturday, January 1, 2011



Create 1940 Inspired Makeup Look shown in the above picture.

First Prize :The winner with the best makeup look will get
- Luscious Cosmetics Twilight Kit
- Twilight Pencil
- Metallic clutch by Luscious Cosmetics
- Luscious Cosmetics Lip Couture in her favorite color 

- Luscious Cosmetics Lipstick in her favorite color

Second Prize : 
The runner up will get
- Luscious Cosmetics Deluxe Diva Brush Set
- Luscious Cosmetics Lipstick in her favorite shade

Rules :

1. Must be a fan of this page Glamorama Makeup & Beauty

2. One Entry per person

3. Picture must be sent on my email : by deadline Saturday, January 22nd 2011 11:59 pm Pakistan Time.

4. Winners will be announced on Monday , January 24th 2011 

5. VERY IMPORTANT!!! hold a piece of paper in your photo (or write on your hand) that says GLAMORAMA MAKEUP & BEAUTY .. If you do not hold any paper , your entry will not be counted.

6.All entries MUST be sent on my email address. If you are selected as winner , Please mention in your email that do you want me to crop your picture or post it as whole on my Facebook Page ? Please do mention this.

7. To see below picture enlarged click here -->

8. It is internationally Open .

Good Luck to all ! Looking forward to getting ur entries :)



  1. I might give it a try :D although i suck at makeup haha :)

  2. @Giasaysthat : U surely should try :)

  3. hey dis is cool..i wanna try to..lets see..shd d colors be exactly same ? i dnt have a red lippie..:(

  4. @Bhumika : U're most welcome to try :)
    U have to send me ur pic in email... and like my facebook page as well :)

    Yes colors should be same , thats what look is :)


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